Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hello! Some of you beautiful followers will notice that I have a new header on this here blawg... A doodle I created in physics. Call me a nerd, but I LOVE physics, so I usually pay attention. THIS time we were basically just going over a practice paper, so... DRAWING TIME! I'm not going to analyze it in great detail, 'cause it's basically just a bundle of cute characters, but the doodle started by me just drawing thick black dots on a piece of lined paper. Then the dots became eyes of CYCLOPS MEN. But some of them aren't even cyclopses, soo... Ah. But they're cute, and "happie" so I thought it was new header time =D

So after the long ol' paragraph of ramblings of no real importance, time for the actual post. Basically, miscellanious pictures that I don't know how the hell else I shall post them.


  1. holy cow that was a whole lot of coolness! i was content with just the nacho sign! Those munchie finger nails and the artery vs. veins tights are pretty rad too! :)

  2. Oh,
    I really like your blog and why I follow immediately.

    Look to me and if you like it do the same.


  3. omg, amazing photos! :D

  4. Thats amazing!
    I am so happy u posted! I am addicted to your blog.
    Love Poppy

  5. Amazing post, love the pictures so cool :))

  6. I love your blog the pictures are awesome! Thanks for visiting :)


I send you a big sweet thankyou ♥