Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I wasn't going to post today because I wanted to spend my time finding editorial images online to go on my bedroom wall. I would have used my favourite editorials from my magazines, but I'm very protective over them, and dont like to cut them up. Sooooooo I came across this amazing blog; Oh Fashion Models and looked through the Karlie Kloss archive, and found this mind-blowing editorial from October '10 W magazine;

and so I was FREAKING OUT at how amazing it is, the combination of Karlie, and the clothes, and the set and how the whole thing is just so yellow, like 'lemon drops'. This is the time when fashion is so good that it gives me chills.

So... I saw that the photographer is Tim Walker, who I'd never heard of, so I was crazily googling him to find other material from him....

And I was on his website when I found out that he is also the man responsible for MY FAVOURITE EDITORAIL EVER;

Sasha Pivovarova, in Vogue UK March '10


Even his work that doesn't have elaborate sets like these is completely stunning. His same kind of aesthetic shines through in every photograph, if you get what I'm saying? He was assistant to Avedon at one point. How amazing is this man?!

I'm sure that the Karlie editorial will influence my dreams as much as the Sasha one has.

Emilie xo

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Colours and trees

It's a beautiful day!

Also, I've been doodling/colouring with my beautiful muji pencils <3

Flower on the right done by my friend Alice, other doodles done by me.

Emilie xo

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I HAVE NO HOMEWORK TONIGHT! And, most importantly, I have the energy/desire to blog.

So I've just spent the past 2 hours of my homework-free evening watching an episode of Gossip Girl, (people living in the UK- did you notice that they publish an episode on iTunes a week before it premieres on ITV2?) and playing Loco Roco, this amazing colourful game on my brothers PSP;

I'm completely obsessed with colours at the moment.

Which kinda leads on to what the point of this blogpost is; to talk about Holly Fulton, S/S 2011 and previous collections.

Okay, this is going to sound like a major complaint or something, but hear me out;

Holly Fulton S/S '11*

Absolutely beautiful, I love the colours and the patterns, and how the art-deco inspiration is different to what anyone has done before.


I felt exactly the same way last season.

Holly Fulton A/W '10*

And the season before that.

Holly Fulton S/S '10*

I basically felt this way right from the start.

Holly Fulton A/W '09*

*not all the looks, just a sort of summary.

And now I complain....

Am I the only one who thinks that every season looks pretty much the same?! I mean I credit her for coming up with such an original idea in the first place; the art deco/ 50s graphics, but this is what seems to be the inspiration for every collection. And to be honest, I'm just bored! Her clothes are beautiful, as are her ascessories, but I am tired of feeling the same way every six months after flicking through pictures of her show. Every label has it's signature aesthetic, for example, the colour red for Valentino, and the British quirkiness that was luella, but it doesn't have to dominate every season. Holly Fulton to me is just one look. I know it's harsh, but that's how I see it. Just one look. A wonderful, unique and distinctive one, I should add, but still, I am bored of it. Every season its the same colours, the same patterns, the same shapes. Evidently there's only so much you can do with art deco 50s prints as your inspiration.

Anyone agree with me? Or am I being too pinickety?