Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

All things Y-orangey

Just a little yellow/orange collection I put together on my friend photoshop :)

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Last glimpse of beauty

This is it, the last ever lot designed by the wonderful Lee Alexander McQueen.
Kind of ghostly, kind of uplifting, and definetly stunning.

All images from

eeek- can I just obsess about those waistbands for a moment...

Boy, he could tailor a pair of trousers perfectly, so conformed on the bottom, then so crisp in a different way and origami-esque on top... this piece of art could rule the world.

Athenian goddess.. but also british old royals chic at the same time... Sarah Burton said, about when McQueen started this collection, "He wanted to get back to the handcraft he loved, and the things that are being lost in the making of fashion," I think that this dress represents this, it is purely craftmanship.

It says on that he included aspects of his "milestone" collections, like that headthing on the left. I love how he made it all fit together... models in ballgowns, wearing swimming caps. It all sounds weird until you see that picture. What Anne Hathaway is wearing on the right is NOT McQueen, but Marc Jacobs. It's just when I first saw the dress in the middle, I immediately thought of it. The kind of top area of the Marc dress, the way it is pleated, kind of bears resemblance to the sleeves on the Mqueen dress. No? Maybe it's just me!

Hello you two, I would like to marry you both. (The dresses, I mean, not the models :/) I have no words, just perfection.

McQueen was a sleeve man..... He could work a sleeve.

Poetic romanticism!

Now this dress puts the Queen in McQueen. That was awful, I know.

I can't describe how sad I am that this is the end...
Lee Alexander McQueen I love you.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Some zines I made recently, sorry the quality sucks and all...

All images from British Vogue issues Feb '10 and March '10

If you can't see the writing on the image, it says; Model,
noun; one who posesses strange facial features.

It hit me after making this that Prada is an itallian
brand, so the writing at the bottom really shouldn't
be in french.... Whoopsadeee.

Then again, the sign on this zine is in spanish or itallian
or something, and it's from a Chanel ad, which, duh, is
french, so I think I can be forgiven.

With a little help from my ol' friend photoshop on this one.

YUM. Hopefully when I find the time I will get up some of the PFW pictures :)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

This blog will be inconsistent and messy.. enjoy!

I'm Emilie, 14- but very soon to not be-, living in England but not totally loving it, looking for a little more phizzaz in my life :) Enter blogger...

I've recently been experiencing an obsession with zines, so will soon get a few of the ones I've made on here (when I get the chance to scan then in- gahh). In future posts you can expect to see pictures of wierd/funny/just plain "what the hell?" stuff I see, inspiration pictures not taken by me, runway shots from my ol' friend, random art projects I've done, and perhaps the occasional "what I wore", even though those can be cheesey and lame sometimes. Oh, and plus maybe the odd dream, which have been given much appreciation from my bud Sharp.

I you like fashion, inspirations, art etc, etc, the you might like this....... but no promises.


And with that, I leave you this...

Because scissors are my friends.