Friday, August 27, 2010

Blaaaaady English part deux

Rabbit holes!- I saw about six bunnies while I was there :)

Then went to The Royal Standard of England pub- the oldest pub in England, and is supposedly haunted! Inside there's random ornaments and just crazy one-off things.

The second I saw the Charlie Brown books, I was sold :)

Gah I can't believe how long it has taken me to get this all posted! I've just been so busy being busy, and then a little bit of being busy being bored.

I'm going down to Torquay this weekend, seeing as this is kind of the last weekend of summer in ol' England. I'm sort of excited, not because of the beach or the fresh air or for any of the RIGHT reasons, but because there's lots of charity/thrift stores there :D ooooh happy shopping times are in my future!

Emilie xo

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So blaaaaaaddy English.

This post was supposed to happen last Tuesday;

What better a way to celebrate being back in 'mighty blighty' than having a completly British day?! *groaaan* buut it did actually turn out to be an okay day, and it was good weather for taking photos :)

Clivedon House & Grounds. I think fairies live here.

I pretty much fell in love with this tree :)

The river Thames sparkles <3

My tree, again;

As I said, it's a little too picture heavy for my little phone to cope with, so I'll put part two of the images on another post.

I hope you're having a great week so far :)

Emilie xo

Friday, August 20, 2010

Love for Luella

Soooo.... I am back from Mexico! Well, I was a week ago, but who's counting?!

I visited the last Luella store standing in Bicester village today for my final goodbyes to the label. I first laid eyes on a piece by Luella in Teen Vogue, September issue 2008. It was a picture of one of those gorgeous Blair Waldorf style ribbon covered headbands with a little metal 'Luella' engraved heart in the center of the bow. From that point I basically fell in love with all things Luella, and was super-surprised to find out that it was actually a BRITISH label. In case you haven't guessed by now, I'm not exactly pro-England!

I didn't actually own any Luella pieces until the labels melt-down was announced at the end of last year (I think that's when it was?) because before tonnes of price reductions were made, I could never afford any of it.

I now have two 'pieces' of Luella-my first was the gorgeous black strapless with coloured ribbons dress, given to me last Christmas by my parents (thank you!). I would take a picture of it, but it's sleeping in a suit bag :). I love it so, so much, I think you could call it my-first-dress-with-a-label.

The piece I got today is more of an every-day garment, but still so, so gorgeous;

I bought it for £31 marked down from £155. Seriously, if you're living in England and can get to Bicester village, DO IT, It's literally a price massacre in there.

The print reminds me of a zip up purse that I had when I was 5- I love it! I guess I could describe the top as being 70s ish, but with a British vibe (obviously) in the ruffles;

I'm not a big floral girl but these bright colours won me over <3

I am a sucker for these details;

Luella buttons <3

Mr smiley man :D

Luella (the label, not the person) lived fast and left a beautiful corpse. RIP 2001- 2009/10

One of the only British things that I was ever head-over-heels in love with.

I have a post that I've been trying to finish since Tuesday, but it's quite picture-heavy, which my phone doesn't like too much :( hopefully I'll get it to work soon!

Emilie xo

Friday, August 13, 2010

A little thought.

You may choose to read this or not, basically what it's going to be is a little ramble. I just need to make sense of this.

So the great thing about blogging is that you're doing it for you (well I am, anyway) so there's no one to tell you to shut up. And the people who read what you write are the ones who want to read it. I feel selfish talking about fashion, art and things like that to my friends because I worry that they won't be interested, and may even think that I'm a total psycho for caring so, so much about those subjects. But with a blog it's like you talking to yourself. A blog is a reflection of what you are like on your own.

I think that there are two sides to a person- the person they are publically- like on facebook or with other people etc, and then the person that they are when they spend time alone. The first person I mentioned is like part of a team; when you're with people you have to talk about things that you're all interested in, so that it's fair, or something like that. It's only on your own that your true self is at it's maximum. I'm not saying that the public side of 'you' isn't the real 'you', it's just a dimmed version of what you are when you're alone. So I don't know if this makes any sense at all, but the bright light that you are when you're on your own is equal to the combined light of you + others when you're part of a group of people. Okay, that's confusing. It makes sense in my head!

I just think it's funny how people are scared to be completely themselves around other people. I admit to being scared. I'm not ashamed of who I am, I just know that if I start talking to a friend about fashion, it'll be a one-sided conversation. My four best friends are literally the best thing that ever happened to me, the best friends I have ever had. But I still need to find that person who I will be able to have a two- sided conversation with about fashion/art. The person who I can call after the livestream of a runway show to gab for hours with about how meaningful/beautiful/awful/strangea collection was. Right now, it's just me and my blog :)

Thanks if you read that, I think I made some sort of sense of what was clouding up my head. For now.

And now for a little random PING of happie-ness;

It's a little hard to see, but there was a complete circle rainbow around the sun today, in Mexico.

Emilie xo

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Oh my gosh you guys. The Mexican ladies made me a 'happie' bracelet!!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Chichen Itza

So yesterday I went on an excursion to see the Mayan ruin, Chichen Itza, y'know- the mexican pyramid! Normally I hatehatehate tours and the like, but this one was pretty good :)

Now I'm no fan of learning about historical happenings, but I think there's something a little bit magical about things that were created over 1200 years ago <3

I bought one of those crazy recycled candy wrapper purses that day;

Oh, and we bought a lot of turtles!

I hope you're having a wooooonderful weekend <3

Emilie xo

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Pure <3

So... A little bit late, but now is the only time I have found to blog about the Pure London Fashion Industry event. I am finally on holiday in Mexico (waaahhhoooo) and have been told that there will be an hour and a halfs wait until I can be seated in this restaurant >.< grrr. So whatever, PURE <3

It was another place that was picky on what you could take photos of, as it was basically stands of small labels- Bench, Yumi, Irregular Choice, etc- showing off their s/s '11 collections for potential buyers. That was a long sentence. But... I do have photos of the interesting stuff- the Yumi runway show :)

Usually I like Yumi, but this time around the collection was a little dissapointing- umm, floral overload! We haven't seen that before! That's the worrying thing- obviously I can't say for sure, but it looks to me that fashion has gotten so fast-paced that little labels are running out of new ideas. They have to re-use anole idea, instead of re-inventing one. It is dissapointing, as I always looked at Yumi as being one that was different to others, but you can't really blame them I guess.

A few pictures of the venue, which I think was Olympia-

I also got to see the runway show of this years fashion graduates' pieces. I found that super- exciting because I had seen pictures and read reviews of the pieces in Drapers magazine a couple weeks before! It was awesome to see the actual garments in- person. Another no-photo zone, but I have these photos of what I saw from good ol' Drapers :D:D

Work by Rhea Fields that won the Womenswear Award;

Big Ben print dress by Sara Wadsworth;

Horse hair fringed piece by Naomi New;

There were other pieces that were at the show, but Drapers didn't feature them :(

Other ones that Drapers did feature- because they won awards were these;

Pieces by Ledina Zhang won the BHM Knitwear Vsionary Award;

They're kind of Alexander Wang meets Vivienne Westwood, I love it <3

My other favourite- pieces by Anna Lee that won the Zhandra Rhodes Catwalk Textiles Award;

I adore how the colours and the images just kind of blend together.

So that was my Sunday!

Emilie xo