Thursday, August 05, 2010

Pure <3

So... A little bit late, but now is the only time I have found to blog about the Pure London Fashion Industry event. I am finally on holiday in Mexico (waaahhhoooo) and have been told that there will be an hour and a halfs wait until I can be seated in this restaurant >.< grrr. So whatever, PURE <3

It was another place that was picky on what you could take photos of, as it was basically stands of small labels- Bench, Yumi, Irregular Choice, etc- showing off their s/s '11 collections for potential buyers. That was a long sentence. But... I do have photos of the interesting stuff- the Yumi runway show :)

Usually I like Yumi, but this time around the collection was a little dissapointing- umm, floral overload! We haven't seen that before! That's the worrying thing- obviously I can't say for sure, but it looks to me that fashion has gotten so fast-paced that little labels are running out of new ideas. They have to re-use anole idea, instead of re-inventing one. It is dissapointing, as I always looked at Yumi as being one that was different to others, but you can't really blame them I guess.

A few pictures of the venue, which I think was Olympia-

I also got to see the runway show of this years fashion graduates' pieces. I found that super- exciting because I had seen pictures and read reviews of the pieces in Drapers magazine a couple weeks before! It was awesome to see the actual garments in- person. Another no-photo zone, but I have these photos of what I saw from good ol' Drapers :D:D

Work by Rhea Fields that won the Womenswear Award;

Big Ben print dress by Sara Wadsworth;

Horse hair fringed piece by Naomi New;

There were other pieces that were at the show, but Drapers didn't feature them :(

Other ones that Drapers did feature- because they won awards were these;

Pieces by Ledina Zhang won the BHM Knitwear Vsionary Award;

They're kind of Alexander Wang meets Vivienne Westwood, I love it <3

My other favourite- pieces by Anna Lee that won the Zhandra Rhodes Catwalk Textiles Award;

I adore how the colours and the images just kind of blend together.

So that was my Sunday!

Emilie xo


  1. Thank-you so much for your sweet comment.
    These photos are so cool!

  2. the clothes are pretty! have fun in mexico! :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. cool post, bit gutted that i didn't go to Pure!

    Hope you are having an ace time in Mexico - i've always wanted to go there!


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