Sunday, August 01, 2010

From a hotel in London

I am veeeery happy to be spending this weekend in London before I go to Mexico! It feels like I haven't spent quality time in London for a while, so it's good to come back for a little while. My family and I came to London to see the stage musical, Les Miserables. We got back from the theater just over an hour ago, the show was amazing, really spectacular! We were lucky enough to get pretty good seats too, which made the experience even better.

Before the show we had high tea at the Wolseley café, which used to be a car showroom. It was all black and White and gold everywhere, kind of old-modern style, if that even exists?! I had my favourite tea- jasmine, with finger sandwiches, cakes and scones <3. Generally I am anti-anything British, but scones with cream are my one exception, they're just too yummy! On my cake plate I had this most amazing pistachio and cherry sponge cake, with a swirl of cream on top. It was so sweet. Aand... I tried a macaroon for the first time- I had half of my mom's passionfruit, half dipped in chocolate macaroon, and it was out of this world delicious! I can't believe I have gone all my life without trying them till now <3 ah. So tomorrow, while I'm still here, I think I will be dragging my mom along on a macaroon hunt :)

Hmmm all this lovely food and no pictures :( the café had a lot of signs up saying 'no photography', which my dad said was because they frequently get celebrities visiting. Sadly no celebrity sightings this time, but last time just me and my mom went and we saw director Martin Scorsese! Soooo no pictures, but enjoy this postcard I picked up from the café, with the very tasteful hotel patterned blanket as the backdrop :/

Tomorrow should be another good day because I'm tagging along with my mom to the Pure London Fashion Industry Event! I am too excited :D

I hope you're having a woonderful weekend!

Emilie xo


  1. awww, you lucky girl! enjoy the rest of your holiday :) don't forget to go back to Wolselely cafe and bring me home some devonshire tea, hehe! ♥

  2. wow London! and here i am sitting here, stuck in boring australia.
    fuckin nice.
    i lovee lovee lovee scones, god they are like my sinful indulgence, and interesting enough, ive actually never had a macaroon, i just dont trust them enough if that sounds weird..
    pfft, cafes with 'no photography' signs are lame. give them the finger and take all the photos you want ahaha

  3. sounds like you're having fun!
    enjoy the rest of your holiday!



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