Saturday, June 05, 2010


The evolution of Taylor Momsen, from sweetie pie... striperella.

Which Taylor do you prefer? I always liked her as Jenny Huphrey in season 1 of gossip girl, she was sweet, really driven towards her dreams, though sometimes annoying. Then Jenny (and Taylor) changed into this rocker chick, who may have better style on some part, but looks like the only colour she would ever been seen in is the red of her lipstick. Black will never be wrong, but colour is way more powerful and says so much more than just "Hey I'm another one of those underdog rebels" I think you need to find a balance.


  1. yes, season one jenny was my personal favourite! she's a bit too slutty for my liking now, although sometimes she has some really nice rock-chic sort of outfits! she has a really full of herself attitude which i don't appreciate, but i loved her in season one!

  2. It is a little crazy how much she change and how fast she changed!


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