Monday, June 14, 2010

Braid Love!

Braids... remember the sense of achievement you experienced when you were five, and first mastered the art of composing the perfect braid in your barbie dolls's hair? How you tried with all your might for your sticky little fingers to twist and turn each bundle of hair till it was intertwined with the other, in close to perfect form. Then when you showed this piece of sculputural artwork to your parents, they were less enthused than you had hoped? Childhood memories, my dears, are BACK. (and have been for a while, actually) Ever since a wooonderful man- lets call him Alexander Wang- spun the perfect messy braid and sent them dancing down his runway, EVERYONE is for the braids craze.

Lady Twiggster <3



  1. Wish my hair was long enough for a plait...hmmm maybe time for a fakie!

  2. i ♥ twiggy! the plaits at alexander wang were fantastic too :) and wow, i adore that first image ♥

  3. Oh, how I wish I could braid my hair!

  4. thank you for your lovely comment! i'll follow you too :)
    ahh, i LOVE plaits! and how they make your hair curly and pretty after :) really like that second to last photo!
    Olivia x


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