Sunday, June 13, 2010

When you were young

HA! Don't you just love pictures of celebrities when they were young, and in some cases, quite wierd looking?! I know this is a tad harsh, but Sarah Jessica Parker sure was a not-so-hot looking teenager! Just an observation :) Johnny Depp on the other hand has always been quite a handsome young fellow, and my golly, The Young Anna Wintour! What a beauty she was!  


  1. hahaha, omg sarah jessica parker!!! ;)

  2. fantastic post! ahh, johnny depp ♥

  3. i love this!
    ohhhh, johnny depp
    and it's true SJP did look, erm, rather horse-like

  4. well, that is what I thought about Sarah Jessica Parker, but oh my god, she looked adorable and beauuuuuutiful!!, even gorgeous! in the movie, "Girls just Want to Have Fun." She actually looked beautiful in many old movies. I did not really think she was pretty, although attractive, in the "Sex and the City."


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