Monday, June 07, 2010

But Why?

Photos by me, edited on photoshop.

So hellohellohello! You might have noticed that my two mini posts that I last did were uploaded using cellspin. I find those little link advertisements to be the most annoying thing in the world. BUUUT... cell spin is a good 'un- I downloaded it as an app for my phone, so that I can post photos from when I'm out. I can also use it to "preview" future posts that I have in mind, like my paperart preview down there... Paperart won't be posted on here until I can figure out how the hell I can get the photos from my phone downloaded to my computer. Can anyone help me? I'm using an iphone to a PC, and whenever I plug in the phone, it says "camera empty" I can't really use cellspin or full-blown posts, 'cause you can only post one item at a time, and I don't think anyone would want "uploaded by" after every picture post.

So! The baby squid/octopus thing... thankyou for the coments on that picture, it was this weekend when I spent a day in Chinatown and Carnaby Street, London with my Mommy XD. We had originally planned to try and visit some of the shops on susiebubble's list, but as it was Sunday they were all closed :(. I particularly wanted to go to BangBang and The World According To...

FYI- the squid octopus was actually quite nice- I normally can't eat things like that, I may love crab and lobster, but Squid makes me gag. This squiddy thing however, was really mild and not at all octopus-tasting at all! The texture of it was still octopus though, which was a bit off-putting. 


  1. Nice pictures.
    I really like the "?" idea! questioning things and their origins ; w ;

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  2. ♥cute blog ♥

  3. wow emilie thanks for the comments on my blog and everything... i really love your blog and your passion..

    im already following :)


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