Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Go Happie!

So this is how I've been feeling lately... just going with it and running around for no aparrent reason, other than "hey, it's fun to run around!". Maybe its because it's spring? or maybe it's beacuse us losers in England have this week off school. I think that school really does its best to strip you of your originality, it feeds everyone the same educational garbage, expecting you all to turn out the same. Not that I'm anti-education, it's just the way that we're taught I really don't agree with. So here's to being crazy and happy! I hope it stays a while =D 


  1. i love the first picture. :D

  2. maryna linchuk, oh i love her, she's such a doll! and karlie kloss is amazing :) i loved that editorial ♥

  3. what beautiful photos, I love the fourth. I want Karlie's hair in the last one!
    Love Poppy

  4. i feel like the third picture.. you know, just fooling around in the house half naked if need be. haha!!



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