Saturday, June 19, 2010


This summer I'm spending 11 days in Mexico- it's not til august but I really, really can't wait. Right now, it's all I can think about! For my textiles coursework, I'm doing a task where the design brief is to create an item of occasion wear that involves the colours, patterns and spirit of a country. So Ipicked Mexico, and am hoping to gather as much inspiration as possible when I'm over there :) 

This Hermes ad with Karlie Kloss kinda makes me think of mexico/borabora etc  


  1. yay! more karlie :) i love her, she's such a sweetie (i've never met her but from her interviews she sounds like an angel)! wow, mexico sounds amazing! lucky girl :)

  2. How lovely, México! You're extremely lucky!


I send you a big sweet thankyou ♥