Thursday, June 10, 2010


^ hehe cinderella story! Remember how Hilary Duff was the Miley of our time? Such a sweetie.^

So HELLO everyone! wow, as you may have noticed, my blog has gotten to the big 2-0 followers! Thankyou so much to the 20th blogger, who is Tony, the indie guy he has a great blog that I think is basically about music, but fashion as well. When you read it, it really comes across that he has a passion about what he's writing, and not just doing it to get followers. AND we have similar influences- we were both inspired by Tavi Gevinson to start blogging, and like me, the reason he blogs is to talk about the things his friends don't necessarily relate to. Go check him out :). My friends obviously know that I'm seriously into fashion/art/photography, but I'm worried that if I start a long conversation about it they may find me boring, or be scared about how passionate I am about all of these things. So this is what blogs are for, I think, to get people talking about the tings they want, without being laughed at, and singled out for being a little too into something. Keep the online fashion spirit alive, dammit :D. 

And this post/ pictures, I don't know what exactly its about, I just had this strange craving for cream, ivory, white flowing things.


  1. Thankyou very much Emilie for mentioning my blog

    Tony xx

  2. i loooove a cinderella story. i especially love the scene where they dance to "i'll be". love that song. :D

  3. hehe, we watched a cinderella story at my birthday gathering this year :) it was super cute, and hilary's a sweetie! fabulous photos, the lighting is magnifique ♥ congratulations on the 20 followers, you'll be getting lots more i'm sure, have a lovely weekend!


I send you a big sweet thankyou ♥