Tuesday, June 01, 2010



I had this sickening hatred for all things pastel, until this crayzzayy man called Cristopher Kane came along and graced us with his genious of making pastels right (see pictures below). Now, I am completely all for the pastelness and couldn't live without a little chalk in my life.


  1. that second image is my favourite! is that you in the last photo?! gorgeous, adorable dress & love the pink socks :) you're a cutie ♥

  2. ps. i have always loved my pastels :) and yes, christopher kane, what a genius!

  3. Hehe, no, it's not me but I agree, this chick is a pretty cute dresser :)
    she's a lookbooker, I posted her 'cause her outfit went with the whole pastel/babycolours theme I was trying to convey in this post.

    Thankyou for all the kind comments you've given to my blog, I really appreciate them XD

    Emilie xxx


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