Sunday, June 27, 2010

Clothes Show London

So yesterday my mom, sister and I were in town for Clothes Show- basically a fashion week thing for the public/ a place for small boutiquey labels to sell their shizzle. I had been a couple times before so didn't really buy much, but it's always fun to see the runway show and check out what the Fashion Textile Museum have on their stall. This brings me to my first photosss.....

FTM foam jewellery

FTM tennis bag. My sister bought one :)

FTM picnic bag

Really simple, but basically blew me away- FTM flower bag, so you can stick like real live flowers in it!!!

The fair had this retro carnaby section- where they had this live band playing.

Okayy.. so THE SHOW. Presented by George Lamb. Eurrrghhh.

I really have seen too much of this man- he is at EVERY clothes show. You may not know who he is- the presenter of Big Brother's Little Brother here in the UK. Stupid reality TV presenters.

So then he brought out his old man- Larry Lamb, who I hadn't really heard of but apparrently he's famous for being in Eastenders and Gavin & Stacey blahblahblah. To be honest, I was more taken by the photographers superdeedoo amazing recording equipment!

Then they brought out "The Wanted" who sang their song "all time low" They werent bad singers, and seemed nice enough guys, so I have no criticism for them, unlike the Lammbbbssss.

It's showwwtime! The theme of the show this year was Fashion Capitals of the World.
First was Tokyo- Japan. The clothes in the show are always a combo of designer pieces, specially made doodahs and items from the individual stands at the fair.
Hehe stuffed animal jacket. I WANT.

Also, playing cards glasses! I want even more!

Next was New York Cittayy- they had some really awesome sound effects for this, my favourite being this big booming voice that said "You are arriving at JFK airport" mwahahahaha. They started with this big breakdance that was the streetz of new yawk.
Mr Starry Suit and Mr Stripy Suit have a danceoff.

The music changed, and they brought out The Sex and the City Gurls.

Followed by the Macy's bunch

Switcheroonie to Roma- even though I believe that Milan is the fashion capital of Italy, no? Anyway, they were playing that song "Be Itallian" that's in the movie Nine. This part was pretty short so I only got two decent photos.

PARIISSS! This was probably my favourite part, along with New York. They had a whole Moulin Rouge theme going on.

Aand of course they ended on London.
These models can to some prettay impressive dance moves.

This I thought was really awesome- sorry if you have to squint your eyes to see. It was like a laser cut felt shoulder jacket thing, that made the model look like a raven. T'was beautiful.
And yay, lets do a big freestyle dance with all the models on stage, shall we?!


  1. very cool finds and the fashion show looks like it was an experience.

    visit, leave your mark, follow?

  2. Emilie, very fun exciting,unique, and colorful!!

    I hope you will join my designer Giveaway from Pillow Mint!

    Art by Karena

  3. This is seriously incredible.
    What an experience!


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