Thursday, July 22, 2010


So here in olde england it is finally summer break! This school year has to have been the fastest one of my life so far, I can literally remember the first day as though it were just a month ago. So apologies for not posting for the last week-ish, end of term things are draining, plus I've been out a lot, seeing movies like Toy Story 3, and Inception, both were completely amazing.

Soo now that it's all over, for my sake I would like to list the hilights of this past year- starting from July 2009, ending July 2010

- July/August '09- I visited my favourite city, Las Vegas, visited my uncle and aunt on my moms side in California, and my uncle on my dad's side in Arizona. I also visited Mesa Verde and Bryce Canyon- Bryce has to be the most beautiful place ever.

-September '09- I saw The Veronicas in the first concert they have ever done in London. Tickets were only 12 pounds or something, and it was all standing, so I was right in the front! I am a hardcore Veronicas fan :)

-October '09- Went trick-or-treating with my best friends, dressed as neon fairies for Halloween

-5th December '09- Clothes show live in Birmingham, visit with my textiles class.

-25th December '09- I flew to Australia to visit family (on my dad's side) & friends, including my new baby second-cousin, Luca <3

-31st December-1st January- New years eve in a rented appartement in Sydney, watching fireworks with family and friends- my favourite place, and favourite people to be with on New Year. Australia is always the best hello and the hardest goodbye, for me.

-March '10- I turned 15 on the 13th and spent the day in Portabello, London. Aand, a couple days before that I joined blogger! Now I have 28 of you who follow, thankyou so much for reading the blog, love to you all <3

-April '10- Flew into Newark, drove to Washington DC, spent 3/4 days there, then flew to Florida to visit my grandparents on my moms side, spent a few days there, then flew out of florida, back into newark to spend the last 3 days of the holiday in Manhattan. Phew. It was busy, but all of the US holidays I go on tend to be like that, It's like being on tour!

-May/June '10- EXAMS. Not exactly a hilight, but whatever, at least they're over now. I am so scared/excited for the envelope with my results in to arrive in the mail.

-July '10- Where we are now :) I wish all you lovely people in the Northern 'sphere a HAPPY SUMMER <3 May it be all you hope for.


  1. oh wow, sounds like you've had some very amazing holidays! lucky girl :) have a lovely summer, i'm embracing the gorgeous winter [my favourite season] down here in australia ♥

  2. wow, you've had a pretty full year! enjoy your summer break! :)

    <3, Mimi


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