Thursday, July 29, 2010

Brothers are great.

Hey. So this is a mini post from my iPhone to tell you that my computer is basically buggered. This is all thanks to my lovely little brother who managed to spill cheerios and milk all over the keyboard. Ever since the keyboard has gone, my computer has also been holding a grudge against life, and doesn't want to work with other keyboards. So, no posting from me for quite a while now! I'm away in Mexico after this weekend where I can't post either!

Blogging is a kind of therapy for me, a way that I can express a feeling, and be myself without having to worry about what people may think of what I'm saying. It's basically a habit now, to blog, so I don't know what I'm going to do over the next few weeks with all the locked-up thoughts that will accumulate in my mind. Hhmmm maybe I should actually write these thoughts down? It's probably better me writing things down as they come to me, as I am the kind of writer who as soon as they've set themselves up to write, the words get intimidated by the build up and just kind of run away. This has been easy for me to write becase I'm just chillin' in my room, not sitting in a chair or anything, not in front of a big scary screen that demands that I compose a blog post. Don't get me wrong, blogger is wonderful, just a bit hmmm computerish? Duh. Using my computer feels too restricted to use; it's a PC, and I find that I feel more free with macs. Is that a reallly weird thing to think? I don't know, PC's give me this kind of I-am-too-good-for-you vibe, they work in a set way and you kind of have to work the way that the computer wants you to. However, with mac products, they're kind of built around YOU- they are just kind of perfect to use, using my iPhone for the first time, it was like I subconsiously already knew how to use it, 'cause the way everything works is the way that you think it would. I don't know if that made any sense there, but at least I know what I mean!

Wellll you probably weren't expecting to read a debate of mac over PC when you started reading this post, but I didn't expect to be wrighting one, to be honest! But that's what a trail of thoughts does to you. This post didn't turn out to be particularly 'mini' either, as promised it would be at the start of this chain of words. But whatever, c'est la vie!

Emilie xo

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  1. i love this post! it's nice to read a long slab of random thoughts, which surprisingly enough work out into a fun post :) i totally understand you, i don't tend to plan any posts, i just go with whatever's on my mind when i'm writing up a post. . . it's better that way :) hope you're have a fantastic week ♥ and, awww your poor laptop, i have a younger brother too!


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