Friday, July 09, 2010

I come froma Russssiiaaa (but I don't)

My lovely buddy Kim and I were charity shopping today, thanks to our school deeming today to be an inset day :) So we were looking through Helen and Douglas House, and Kim was just about to pay when she found this plunket of pin/badge things by the register!
These badges were mainly Russian, but some were from New Zealand, some Greece, and then a couple were Dutch and Mexican. 
So I bought 10... they were 50p each, so only 5 pounds :) 

All of them


Ruusssiann- With the bear mascot from the olympic games in 1980

Not sure what this is, but it has a truck on it :)


A russian one again- I bought three dangly ones like this.

We think this one is from Greece

Ruusian- I don't do history, but kim said it is a picture of Lenin

In case you can't read, it says Moscow
(then again, if you couldn't read, then you wouldn't be able to read this either, why do I never make sense?!)

Ruuusiaaaa :)

Last one- from Russia. My dad was telling me something about the significance of the boat on it, but I forgot the whole story... whooopsie. It's the sun's fault :) 31 degrees today XD

Bye lovelies x


  1. yuuummmmm :D
    love those bloody charity shops, amazing badgess so cheap! must go back and buy them all!
    please dont trust my history knowledge! ahaa ;)

  2. wow, they're so cool! and so cheap :)
    have a wonderful weekend ♥
    ps. i love your new header!

  3. These are so cool! What a bargain!

  4. Oh God, I have millions of them in my granny's house :D


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