Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mom's stuff is better than mine!

Like many daughters, I am known to casually "borrow" things off my mom without actually telling her... So one afternoon I was trying to find a birthday card for one of my friends in one of these big silver boxes she has, when I discovered that half the boxes were filled with scarves, gloves, hairclips and other various vintagy items!

I kind of grouped together things that gave off a simmilar-ish vibe, and started photographing...

A lot of these things are completely untracable as to where they came from, but the ones that I do know about I will say :)

Papier mache necklace, which is actually mine, is from ABC carpet in New York

Pink plastic haiclip is mine, from some kind of doll head- y'know, the freaky ones where you put makeup on them and do their hair and they're just a head...

Airplane crystal pin is mine from the Smythsonian air and space museum in Washington
Orange scarf (top left corner, barely in the shot) was a freebie at some kind of opera my mom went to in Venice.
I felt sorry for the rest of the scarves that are still beautiful, but didn't really "fit in" with anything else I was photographing, so there they are ^
Only shot where the stuff is all mine! Gentlewoman magazine, fake pearls from the vintage section at Clothes Show Live in Birmingham, Miss Dior Cherie perfume, and Dior reading glasses.


  1. omg, these items are priceless! love them! :D

  2. This stuff is so amazing!!!!!! Cute blog :)


  3. Everything is simply lovely! I adore the third photo. x

  4. all very beautiful pictures.
    Thanks for the comment!
    Love Poppy

  5. you've got a cute blog! i follow, will you follow me then? xx

  6. Beauutiful things, lucky! Plus, I love Gentlewoman...

    tweet tweet tweet



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