Friday, May 14, 2010


Well here's a story for y'all... I tried to upload this bubblegum post a couple days ago but my computer told me it was having trouble connecting to blogger, so I couldn't even save the post, let alone post it. RAGE internet can suck.
So now that I have a little slot of time I am going to schedule a couple posts for the next couple of days, when I will be busy revising for mock exams and writing essays in another language and whatnot.
Theres a secret homage to bob cuts in this post, which was completely unintended, just happens to have happened!
So.. where are these images from? The first is a mulberry ad, the next two are James Hickey photography (as the nice little "James Hickey" wording already tells you) the 4th image is Javier Galue photography and the last is a google images find.
I really don't know what inspired this post, although I generally dislike baby/pastel colours, I've really been feeling them lately... so here you go! Also vibrant colours can give you a headache if you happen to be exposed to them for a long time...


  1. they're pretty cute. the bag on the first photo is gorgeous. :D

  2. hahaha cute, great post! x


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