Saturday, May 22, 2010

Know me better!

So, because my blog is a newie, you guys won't know much about me yet, so I thought that as a starter I could answer these questions that Chantelle posted on her lovely blog. She is seriously the best image gatherer, so if you're looking for inspiration, go to her :)

(1) what is your biggest indulgence?

m&m's, they help me when I'm sad, happy, excited, nervous... Those candy coated wonders do everything for me!

(2) what is your favourite perfume or scent?

I am a perfume girl, perfume bottles are what dominate most of my dresser top! My favourites are.. Miss Dior Cherie au de toilette, the l'eau and the au de parfum versions don't do it for me, the original is always best! I ADORE Lola Marc Jacobs, which I got, along with the travel size version, and body lotion version in a set for my birthday. I never really liked Daisy Marc Jacobs until recently, it's definitely grown on me since my mom bought me the solid perfume version in a Daisy pendant, which I completely love and can't wait to wear. My other favourites are Tommy Girl, although it can be a bit strong at times, and émilie. émilie is a perfume I bought when I visited the fragonard perfumery in Grasse, France. At the time I bought it purely because it had my name (is that too conceited?) but then I discovered that was actually a really nice soft fragrance, kind of violet-y and candy like, but not too sweet.

(3) what inspires you, and what do you aspire to do?

What usually inspires me in my textiles work at school is other artists' work, I usually wind up taking their ideas in my initial work, but then interpreting them in a way that is no longer recognisable to have come from that artist. I find that really annoying when our piece for school actually has to represent that artist, because a lot of the time I feel bad copying someone else, wanting to do my own thing. I tend to generate ideas by thinking about everyday stuff, and eventually some kind of creative idea in whatever shape or form just pops up. People on the street inspire me, the way they look, or with people that I know, the kind of mannerisms that they have. Inspiration is everywhere and anywhere.

I aspire to work in fashion (isn't that obvious?) it might be in the business side of things, though I really don't find that as interesting as the creative aspect of fashion. Thing is, thats the side that everyone wants to be a part of! I guess if you have good enough ideas and want something really badly, then you'll go to it like a bullet in love.

(4) summer or winter?

Summer! It gives me so much more of a positive engergy, meaning that I can acieve more and just generally feel better.

(5) any favourite holiday destinations?

Las Vegas. Just the atomospere and the buzz you get from being there is so wonderfully overwhelming, the second I leave I just want to go back, I have never had a dull moment there. I also love Australia, my heart is there, and it's like my home away from home. It's were most of my family and family friends are, so every time we go over it's like this big reunion. The natural beauty of the country and the postive outlook of the people there blows me away every time, it's just so different to England.

(6) are you a jewellery, bag or shoe kind of girl?

Jewellery! I have this sort of pink girraffe wire thing with hooks on on my bedroom wall, I hang all my costume jewellery necklaces from there, then I have a mug stand with my costume jewellery bracelets and bangles hanging from it. I keep my more fragile stuff in a drawer. I love bags and shoes as well, but with jewellery I think there's more freedom in design, jewellery has less of a purpouse, whereas shoes and bags have a definite purpouse- to carry things/ to be put on feet, so the design possibilities are more restrictive, I think.

(7) if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Sydney, Australia, for the reasons I expained already!

(8) tell me some of your favourite books and movies:

My favourite books are The Tomorrow series by John Marsden, you can't buy them in stores in the UK, so when I was in Australia last I bought two full sets of the series- one for me and one for my friend's brother... needless to say the guy doing my purchase at Big W thought I was a freak :). I love tashen art books, I have the 25 years of fashion books from them, their Valentino book, and the book the have on the history of aparrel ads. I ADORE art/ fashion magazines, not the commercial ones that are 40% advertisements, like Elle and Marie Claire, but ones like Lula, Russh, 125, Gentlewoman, i-D and Wonderland. They cost a whole lot more but are so worth it.

Movies... I'll just give you a list, no need to explain any of them! Sex and the City, The Holiday, RV, Alice in Wonderland (all the versions of), Marie Antoinette, 500 Days of Summer, the Parent Trap and the disney version of Annie.


  1. thank you for those kind words, sweetie :) i love reading these & getting to know my beautiful readers better! once i start eating m&m's i can't stop, and i love all dior perfumes (except Hynoptic Poison) and i love LOLA too, the bottle is so adorable :) i totally agree with you on your q3 and yay, i'm a jewellery girl too :) we're actually studying the first book from the tomorrow series in english and i agree, they're wonderfully written! and the parent trap is a lovely movie, RUSSH is my FAVOURITE magazine ever and i really need to see the disney version of Alice in Wonderland :)
    sorry this is getting really long!
    hope you're having a lovely weekend ♥

  2. what a cute post! love when bloggers show of their true personalities:)

    have a great weekend!
    xx raez

  3. thanks a lot!!!

    you have some very lovely pics on your blog...and great questionaire..

  4. lovely photos!!


  5. Since I don't know anything at all about you, this post is quite enlightening :p Nice to meet you, Emilie dear!


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